Ruffner Park Field use Rules

  1. 1. All games and practices will be posted on the Ruffner Park web site. This will be after the annual coaches meeting and once you have completed your team’s schedule. We will only post the schedule thru email (, please no phone calls!
  2. 2. You can add dates once the schedule has been completed and posted on The Ruffner Park website. Please contact Jeff by e-mail ( to request a new date. I will check the master schedule and communicate with the other team that scheduled that time slot to ensure you may use field.
  3. 3. Rain outs will be handled by the head coach. Do not play on the field if it’s wet. There has been a lot of damage done to the infield because coaches forced games on a wet field! Your team will be removed for the season if the field is damaged due to playing on it when it is wet, please use common sense, other teams may lose field time due to damage.
  4. 4. All teams are required to participate on Field day (preparing park for season), it is the first weekend in April, weather permitting. If rained out, the back up date is the second weekend in April. If your team can not make the first date, you are required to participate the following weekend. Coaches, plan on being there, this benefits all teams!
  5. 5. Tractor usage: Players cannot drive the tractor! If we find a player driving the tractor, we will remove your team for the rest of the season. Please check the fuel level at the beginning of each use. If the tractor is out of diesel fuel, it will not run again until the system fuel is bled correctly.
  6. 6. Practice times will be limited to 2 hours. If no team is scheduled after your practice, you may stay on the field for additional practice.
  7. 7. Teams are required to supply 3 (three) different insurance certificates. (1) The Village of Galena and Its Trustees, (2) Jeff Dutiel and (3) 86/87 Columbus Sharks must all be shown as additionally insured with your organization’s team insurance. To supply proof of insurance, please fax copies to “The Village of Galena” (Fax # 740-965-5424) and “The 86/87 Columbus Sharks and Jeff Dutiel” (Fax # is 740-965-9939). If you play or practice one time without supplying proof of insurance, your team will be removed for the season without a refund, there no exceptions!
  8. 8. Fund raising. Your team can sell advertising banners as a fund raiser; they can be hung on the outfield fence during the regular season. No tobacco, alcohol or gambling related advertising may be used.
  9. 9. Teams are required to drag and broom the entire field after every game and practice. You must pick up and trash in each dugout and around the dugouts after every use. If the trash cans are full, please dump them. Please keep the rest rooms clean, if there is an issue with a rest room, please contact Jeff Dutiel. As always, try to leave the park better than when you found it.
  10. 10. Put the field back together after each game or practice once dragging is completed. This includes, but is not limited to, placing all plugs back in base pegs, replacing orange pegs for pitchers rubber, filling the batter’s box back up and filling up the pitcher’s rubber and bases where they were dug out. Keep the storage building clean and organized; if you find the field is a mess when you first get to the park, please call Jeff Dutiel. I will contact the last team that played to discuss the problem and issue a warning, after the third warning, that team will be removed for the season.
  11. 11. Lights out at 10:30 pm, no exceptions! The first game must start no later than 5:45 pm in order to get the night game on the field by 8:00 pm; you will lose field privileges if you make it a habit of running late. There is an exception to this rule, if a team had to take extra time to prepare the field due to wet conditions, no warning will be issued; however, the lights must still be out by 10:30 pm that evening.
  12. 12. Please do not turn the lights on too early, they are extremely expensive to use, so please only use when completely necessary.
  13. 13. All head coaches will be required to sign a field use contract annually outlining all field rules.

“The rule here is to leave it better than you found it”

Download The Field Use/Rules Word Doc